Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Governance


Every business interaction relationship needs to comply with the prime principle. Refuse any corruption, bribery, racketeer, or defalcation. All employees must not receive kickbacks from suppliers, customers, or other companies. All public-related communion must be dealing by company name and need to be approved by the manager.


Employees must not be discriminated against by gender, color, religion, political spectrum, sexual orientation, and nationality.


All employees must rigorously manage their know-how including client information, R&D, and confidentiality. Employees must not leak out any secrecy or information to others without permission. Found anonymous grievance procedure to protect the whistleblower from unfair revenge.

Working Environment

All employees are responsible for maintaining a safe and sound working environment without any violence, threat, and sexual harassment.

Social Good

“Taken from society ,Give back to society”

Epoch has been committed to joining different charitable events such as education and environmental protection. We encourage our fellow to use reusable food ware and do the recycle in daily life. To fulfill social responsibility,  we participate in the beach cleanup and provide donations to the social welfare organization and educational institution. We hope to devote our ability to make society better.