Ultra -precision Finishing

Key of Cutting Edge Technology

Ultra-precision finishing is a symbol of a nation manufactory level. It also plays a big role in improving the performance, quality, lifespan of photoelectric products and the development of high-tech products. Therefore, ultra-precision finishing is one of the most important key technology of the cutting edge technology.

Ultra-precision Technique Build

Epoch expects to produce the R&D products of sub-millimeter microstructure and sub-micrometer modules to provide high-quality, high-confidence products to upgrade competitiveness.

At present, in addition to cooperating with national research institutions, Epoch also has set up ultra-precision equipments in the factory; such as ultra-precision processing equipment like ultra-precision cavity processing machinery, ultra-precision printer, micro-laser processing machinery, and ultra-precision measurement equipment.  Ultra-precision measurement equipment is to LSCM(Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy), non-contact 2.5-dimensional, etc.

Through ultra-precision processing and measurement equipment, Epoch can carry out the fine design and manufacture of micron-level microstructures on the optical components, breaking many optical limiting, and making the products with high stability and high precision.

Ultra-precision Processing Machinery

●  5-axis spindles

●   Maximum Processing Scope: 33″

●   Resolution:0.01μm

●  Positioning Accuracy:±0.1μm

●   Accuracy:XY±0.5μm, Z±0.3μm

●  Type of Processing: Straight line, Spline, Fly cutting

●   With  the high precision of the laser, the measurement of 3D structure of the sample surface can be realized.

●  Horizontal resolution:0.00012mm

●  Quality resolution:0.00001mm 

●  The surface structure of the micrometer scale (1/1000 mm) can be fully analyzed, and the optical design can be optimized.

Ultra-precision Processing Machinery Processing Example

Through the liberalized multi-axis processing machinery, the designer’s concept can be implemented.

Optics and Ultra-precision Finishing Design Process

Ultra-precision processing can control surface roughness and implement the identical with optical simulation and end items.