Core Technology

Optical Design

Optical is the core technology of Epoch. The optical design is based on optical principles, using the characteristics of materials and design of different graphics and microstructure to get the needs of optical products.

Injection Molding

The injection molding technology is mainly to heat up the polymer material to flexible melted by injection machine, and use the screw to inject it into the cavity, and finally form the product after shaping by holding pressure and cooling.

Ultra-precision finishing

Ultra-precision finishing is a symbol of a nation manufactory level. It also plays a big role in improving the performance, quality, lifespan of photoelectric products and the development of high-tech products.


We build automatic factories to decrease redundancy and also collect effective data to enhance Epoch’s competitiveness. We integrate our experience with production capacity  to transfer  it into the optimal automatic factory of Epoch.

Innovation R&D Program

We firmly believe that working steadily gains footing and shine in the field. Therefore, we are fully committed to building the best environment of R&D. We set up an advanced R&D laboratory and cultivate talents for the R&D base to make technological innovation and provide next-generation products to our customers.