Injection Molding

Manufacturing Process

The injection molding technology is mainly to heat the polymer material to fluxible

melting by injection machine. Using the screw to inject it into the cavity, and finally form the product after shaping by holding pressure and cooling. Injection molding has been developed for decades, and its applications use in many industries such as automobiles, 3C, medical, and staple merchandise.

In addition, the optical industry is also strongly related to injection technology. Through precision injection manufacturing processes, we can achieve finished optical goods and design. The injection molding process of optical requires a more sophisticated module design and the ability of injection parameter control.

Module Design

There are plenty of points that need to be fully considered to ensure the quality of the finished goods and parts such as the way to enter plastics into the cavity, the design of flow length to thickness, the disassemble of optical module structure, the cooling of the waterway, and the module released.

Module Control

Injection molding must ensure that different plastic raw materials will not be deterioration or yellowing, and the tiny structure can be completely transcribed, all need to be adjusted and matched by the injection parameter control (temperature, pressure, time, etc.).

Realization of The Precision Optical Design

Epoch has provided completely consistent production process of light guide plate with our own injection machine, module design, optical design, and microstructure processing. The thickness, size and shape of the injection light guide plate can be developed and designed by ourselves, so we can quickly respond to market demand and provide customers high efficiency, high quality, and high-integrity services.

Compared with other competitors, Epoch has been invested in the automotive light guide plates since 2002. Automotive products have more severe environmental requirements than other categories. We have also accumulated more abundant experience of polymer materials, optics, module and injection.

Introduction of the current specifications of light guide plates:


We plan to produce much bigger light guide plates(more than 21 inches) and develop the injection which can be corresponding to abnormal shape (circle and trapezoid for example) and curved surface element to satisfy the demand of special shape.


In addition to cultivating the panel industry, “Biochip” is also one of the high-tech injection products we invested in. This emerging technology is designed based on molecular biology, genetic information, etc., and it is made of plastic, glass, and other polymers with precision processing technology.

The biochip can install more than ten thousands of nucleic acid probes on a few square centimeters and gain the amount of genetic information in one test.

Its microstructure emphasizes Epoch technology on module development and injection technology.

With this technical capability, we cooperate with international biotechnology manufacturers to jointly develop low-cost but high-performance products and provide high-quality precision elements for the medical and biotech industries.