Innovation R&D Program

Accumulation of Innovation Knowledge

We firmly believe that only working steadily can gain footing and shine in the field. Therefore, we are fully committed to building the best environment for R&D. We set up an advanced R&D laboratory and cultivate talents for the R&D base to make technological innovation and provide next-generation products to our customers.

Invested Advanced Equipment

“One must have good tools in order to do a good job.” Advanced equipment is the foundation of technological innovation. Epoch has devoted resources to innovative R&D programs every year. There are many high precision machines, such as Scanning Electron Microscope, Laser microscope, Digital Microscope, Visual Angle Comparator, and Precision CCD Luminance, etc.

SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope)

Use high-energy electron, which wavelength is much smaller than general visual light, as light sources to provide ultrahigh magnification and high-resolution images, use the equipment to do the research of the nanosized objects, and get a head start in the market.

High-resolution Laser Microscope

Combine laser with an optical microscope to provide high resolution with millimeter to nanosize, and parse object microstructure surface shape in 3D & surface roughness ways.

Image Luminance, Colorimeter, CCD Lens

Combining image luminance and colorimeter into CCD Lens and spectrograph can transfer the optical image into an electronic signal. Using the measurement results to study and analyze object brightness, color gamut, white balance, uniformity, contrast, and flicker.

Cultivate Talents

Cultivating talents is what Epoch deeply focuses on. There are hundreds of science magazines and books in the internal library, and we invite lecturers to  teach various courses to our colleagues such as software practice to help them  to enhance themselves. Moreover, by encouraging employees’ to own their own projects, having seminars held every week, and science conferences held as well for every half a year, employees brainstorm their experiences and gain different knowledge. Besides, we have cooperated with well-known university laboratories and ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) to enhance our R&D department and stay ahead of the pack.

Patents and Publishing Journals

Combining advanced equipment and talents can provide Epoch develop technique more solid. Epoch has various authorized patent applications and we keep publishing journals  no matter in our nation or abroad to show our R&D team outcomes and accumulate our techniques continuously.