Optical Design

Optical is Epoch’s Technological Core

Optical is the primary core technology of Epoch. The optical design is based on optical principles, using the characteristics of materials and design of different graphics and microstructure to get the needs of optical products.

No matter reflecting the point litght source of the side into forwarding and uniform planar light source of the whole, or breaking through the limit of product shape and still showing the light uniformity and high efficiency is to concern. Epoch accumulates optical technology and fully applies it into the backlight module and lighting fixtures techniques. Our backlight modules are favored by international well-known TFT-LCD manufacturers. Also, Epoch lighting fixtures  gains several awards  such as Red Dot Design Award, and Taiwan Excellence.

Professional Optical Technology

Epoch develops, designs, and produces key optical elements –Light Guide Plate. These key optical elements can transfer the LED point light source into uniform and soft planar light source, providing the information to the user after the light rays passes through the LCD panel.

Among them, the technology of optical design will directly determine the product quality such as brightness, uniformity, chromatic defect, luminous efficiency, and life time.

The Technology of Processing the Optical Structure  and Dot Pattern of LGPs Manufacturing

Epoch also has the technology of optical spot and optical structure processing, we control the quality of optical structure to ensure the outcome. Most of the optical structure processing are used on LGP especially dot pattern manufacturing.

The importance of the dot pattern to LGP is the same as that of LGP to the backlight module. Dot patterns are usually at the bottom of the LGP. They are used to destroy the total reflection of the light,to make its uniformity be penetrated out of the LGP. Epoch uses several methods to process the dot pattern designs, such as screen printing, ultra-precision processing, laser, collision point, etc. Different processing ways can satisfy and use in different categories. Epoch’s technology of dot patterns is short development cycle but high-efficiency, high-quality, and long life time.

2D Laser Dot Pattern

3D Laser Dot Pattern

The Optical Revolution

In addition to the development of new non-side-entry, special-shaped, and more efficient and uniform backlight modules, Epoch plans to move forward to diffraction optics base on the geometric optics, and breakthrough the limit of geometric optics toward various product application development such as structured light, special faculae, and grating.