Vision & Mission

Since                 1997.10
Chairman         Hsu, Jia-Pang
Workforce         700+
Key Products     LED Backlight Module, LGP, LED Lighting Equipment
Locations           Taiwan(Epoch/ FonWin), Suzhou, Xiamen

Since               1997.10
Chairman       Hsu, Jia-Pang
Workforce      700+
Key Products  LED Backlight Module, LGP, LED Lighting Equipment
Locations      Taiwan(Epoch/ FonWin), Suzhou, Xiamen

Message from the Chairman

Epoch has been founded for more than 20 years. If you compare it with Human life, Epoch now is in the prime of life. We have grown to a thousand people company from only less than 10 people.

Solid Managing

EPOCH has focused on the backlight module since being founded. We have great and close cooperation with international well-known companies. One-step production offers us to react to the rapid demand immediately. Still, we explore the “Lighting” market with our own Electro-photonics Technology and gain favors with lots of well-known enterprises and be used on infrastructure. We hold the spirits of “Customer-oriented, Pursuit of Quality Excellence, and Technique Cultivation” to operate Epoch steadfastly.

Chairmen: Hsu, Jia-Pang

Cultivating Talents

Due to the rapid changing of technology and market circumstances, it is difficult to own an enduring technology, and the challenge will be more severe than before. Only by cultivating and innovating technology can keep the competitive edge. Therefore, Epoch invests in developing advanced equipment and builds a library with thousands of specialized journals to provide a sound environment to the employee.

For the newcomers, a diploma is just like a driver’s license. People can still get their driver’s licenses even if they are in error. However, people must walk on eggshells in every situation when they enter the workforce.

Epoch spares no effort on cultivating employees’ basic knowledge, helping them solving different problems. Epoch asks every newcomer to study domain knowledge at night and on weekends. Managers will also need to spend lots of time guiding newcomers. We hope employees can transform the rigorous training into their ability and find out their value.

Certain stress can make one stronger.  If we can hold a positive attitude to make an all-out effort, we will get productive results. Epoch heartily welcomes you to grow with us.


“April showers bring May flowers. “ We work diligently and value the resources.

& Sincere

Stay Enthusiasm

Keep genuineness

To Make the
Best Better

Striving for superiority

Never stop enterprising

Technological Innovation

Innovate technology to keep the lead in the industry and provide a better life for society.

Vision and Mission

Provide eco-friendly optical products
for a more comfortable life.

Value and Business


Customer orientation/ High Quality Pursuit / Technology Cultivation