Questions about the admission

You can apply for more than one job.

You may be invited to one or more interviews based on the job requirement and the interview result.

There are some curb parking spaces and free motorcycle parking.

It only takes 3 minutes to public parking space (Zhubei Train Station Rear Exit)

We suggest you dress business formal or business casual to show your respect to the interviewer.

Remember to bring your hand-writing Epoch’s resume and related documents, such as language certifications, license, and related essay or research.

Based on the job requirements, there might be some assessments that we need you to complete.

(1)The interview with HR will give us an opportunity to get to you know better.

(2) You may be invited to one or more interviews with the manager.

It might take 2-3 hours.

Questions about the job

Epoch, Taiwan has two days off a weekend.

Office Hours: 8:00-17:00

Each department has flex time.

Executives and managers will go on business to China factories more often.

General staff will have more opportunity to join the exhibition at home and abroad.

We don’t have a dormitory, but we would like to provide some rental information.

We don’t offer meals, but the administration team will surrogate the meal.