Culture and Vision

Epoch has been founded for more than 20 years. If we compare it with Human life, Epoch now is in the prime of life. We have grown to a thousand people company form only less than 10 people.    


Optical is the core technology of Epoch. The optical design is based on optical principles, using the characteristics of materials and design of different graphics and microstructure to get the needs of optical products.


Backlight Modules are the critical part of TFT-LCD. TFT-LCD is a non-luminous display, TFT-LCD needs to be visualization through LGP’s uniformly and high luminance light.                                                            


Epoch encourages fellow using various learning ways to enhance themselves. Also, we provides various learning environments for the fellow to learn easier and we committed to cultivating all-around talents.                                                      


Epoch is a warm and sweet family without severe hierarchy. We share our life and work here. We hold various activities and provide cozy facilities to ensure people here have good physical and mental health.                                      

Join Us

We believe in the principle of putting the right person in the right place and hope to recruit the talents from cross-strait. If you are willing to learning, willing to challenge yourself, longing to have an unlimited future, we sincerely welcome you to join Epoch.